Elegant Video Ads Documentation

Ads management plugin for Elegant Tubepress Theme

How to install Plugin on your WordPress via wp-admin :

  1. Upload WordPress plugin via wp-admin panel (Plugin --> Add New --> Upload Plugin. Click "Choose File", choose the zip file that contain the plugin)
  2. Activate plugin (Plugin --> Installed Plugin. Under new plugin click Activate)

How to install WordPress plugin via FTP :

  1. Unzip(Extract) your zip file that contain the plugin
  2. Open your FTP (find wp-content --> plugins and copy your extracted folder not the zip file to there)
  3. Wait until the process upload is complete
  4. Activate the plugin (Plugin --> Installed Plugin. Under new plugin click Activate)

How to install WordPress plugin via cpanel :

  1. Open your CPanel
  2. Find File Manager (under the Files directory) and click it
  3. Set the domain name to the domain you wish to install theme
  4. Find the theme directory (wp-content --> plugins), and click upload (upload your zip file that containt the template)
  5. Extract the zip file.
  6. Activate plugin (Plugin --> Installed Plugin. Under the new plugin you installed click Activate)


Activate Elegant Video Ads

  1. Login to amazehub.net and click View Details and Downloads.
  2. Copy your license key beside the license key of
  3. In wp-admin go to Plugin, AmazeHub License
  4. Paste your license key to form fields beside Elegant Video Ads License Key.
  5. Click save change and click Activate License

Add new Elegant Video Ads

  1. Go to Elegant Video Ads setting (in your wp-admin(Dashboard), Elegant Video Ads --> Add New)
  2. Enter title for the ads
  3. Setting your ads
  4. Click Publish to save the ads

  1. Elements - Add element to your setting there are:
    - Image
    - Text Content
    - Countdown
    - Optin
    - Close Icon
  2. Delay - increase delay before ads appear
  3. Duration - increase duration for ads to appear

  1. Ads size - select minimize to make mini ads , and maximize to make ads in full size
  2. Countdown and Close Color - Change color of countdown and close color
  3. Background Color - Change background color of the ads
  4. Button Color - Change color of the text in button
  5. Button Background Color - Change color of butoon background
  6. Change the margin and padding of your ads by dragging the slider


  1. Upload - upload or select image you want to use on the ads by click add or upload file
  2. Set as Banner - if you check the box your image will cover the ads area, but the other element will be hidden
  3. Image target URL - link for image URL


  1. Text content - input your text content here.
  2. Button Text - Input text for button, leave it empty if you don't want to add button to your text content
  3. Button UR:- Input URL for button, leave it empty if you don't want to add button to your text content


  1. Countdown End Datetime - change date and time for your offer
  2. Countdown Text End - Insert the text for when the ads time end
  3. Countdown Button Text - Insert the text, to show in the button in ads
  4. Countdown Button Link - link address for button when clicked



Optin Code - Paste your optin code here.It will automatically formatted to suit in ads


After ads created, you need to attach ads to video post. You can attach single ads to multiple video post. Please follow instruction below :

  1. Go to Posts and choose which video post that your ads want to attached to
  2. Click edit and now you're in video post editor
  3. Take a look at Post Options area, you should see this options : "Attach Ads to this video "
  4. If ads already created, you should see that ads appear on the dropdown option. Choose which ads you want to use.
  5. Save or update post and now your video post have ads attached

Setup Default Ads for Each Post

Go to Elegant Tubepress -> Ads Settings -> Elegant Video Ads

  1. Use Ads in All Post - If yes choosed, there will be ads on each post
  2. Choose Default Ads - If "Use Ads in All Post" activated, you need to choose which ads that will be used as default ads. Choose it here.

Elegant Video Ads have statistic which will give information about View, Unique View, Click and CTR. Go to Elegant Video Ads -> Statistic

  1. From - Choose from date you want to see the statistic
  2. To - Choose end date you want to see the statistic
  3. Filtered by - filter populated ads by View, Unique View, Click
  4. Arrow up and down - Choose populated ads sorted by Ascending or Descending
  5. Search button - click on it to generate ads statistic
  6. Edit button - Click on it to edit the ads
  7. Delete Current Results From Database - Delete the result that appear at statistic. This action can't be undone
  8. Print Current Results - Print statistic that currently showed