Product Support and Updates F.A.Q.

Product Support F.A.Q.

Q: How do I contact AmazeHub’s support?

A: You can send us support ticket here Our staff will reply your inquiry as soon as possible. And please read our support details here.

Product Updates F.A.Q.

Q: How long is product updates valid for?

A: It’s valid for one year. Every time you buy product from us you’ll get free product update for one year. You get advantage of automatic update (WordPress themes and plugins), simply click update link through your WP Admin dashboard to update the product. You’ll see an update notification on your WP Admin dashboard every time we update the product (as long as your product update subscription is still valid and not expired).

Q: How much the cost of product updates on second year onwards?

A: It would cost 25% of product current price and valid for one year. Example: Product A price is $27, so the cost of product update is $6.75 ($27 x 25%).