Must Read… Important Message for All Members

Welcome to members area, please watch this video first:

Change Your Display Name

It’s intended to avoid your email address displayed to the public, in case your display name is your email address. Follow these steps to change your display name.

  1. Go to Edit Profile page
  2. Change “Display name publicly as”, see screenshot below:

    change display name

    Change display name

Access The Product

Login to the members area and access the download page here You’ll see a list of products you have purchased. Simply click the product details and downloads link.

Product Tutorial

You can access the product tutorial and documentation on this page

Obtain Your License Key

On the product details and downloads link, you’ll be able to view your license key. Please copy and paste the license key into your website.

Update the Product

Our WordPress products (themes and plugins) are featured an automatic update ability. So you can update the theme or plugin inside your WordPress admin dashboard. You’ll see an update notification when a new version is available.

Get Support

Our support team will be more than happy to help you.If you need help, you can submit a support ticket through this link

Also Check out the Members F.A.Q.