Create Funnel

October 22, 2018| Bayu Idham

To create funnel, please follow this instructions:

  1. Please go to ExpressFunnel -> Funnel then click add new
  2. Input Funnel Name
  3. Upload favicon for this funnel
  4. Choose landing page that you already made before
  5. You can have more than 1 Landing Page at the same page. By that, you already activate split test feature. It will be displayed based on amount of portion.
  6. You can have couples pages on 1 funnel. Click “Add Another Page” to adding new page for funnel.
  7. Click publish if it’s done.

IMPORTANT! Please read this instruction carefully, this explanation are very essential in order to use ExpressFunnel properly.

The main idea of ExpressFunnel are, you can make Funnel which contain couples of Landing Page with custom Element. Also, statistic record that you can use to evaluate how your Landing Page performed. You can display the Funnel at similar domain or different domain. This flow show you how ExpressFunnel work:

  1. Create Landing Page with Page Builder
  2. Create Funnel, then attach the Landing Page that you already made to this Funnel.
  3. Create new default WordPress Page, the Landing Page from your Funnel will be displayed here.

Case study how to use ExpressFunnel. Let’s say you have 1 Funnel that contain 3 Page.
First Page will displaying main product, also on this Page, you have 2 Landing Page which activate split test feature. Both of Landing Page have 50% portion chance to be displayed. Second page are displaying Upsale Product, and Third Page are thank you page. At the funnel page, here is how it’s looks like:

Each page (Main Product, Upsale Product, Thank You) would have independent link. To displaying each of those, will be explained on the next lesson.

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