Create Landing Page

October 22, 2018| Bayu Idham

In order to create landing page, please go to ExpressFunnel -> Page Builder and then click “Add New”

  1. Input title for landing page, and then click publish.
  2. Click “Edit with Elementor” Button
  3. At the core, ExpressFunnel using Elementor Plugin as a base for custom element that handcrafted made for ExpresFunnel. Ergo, for layout configuration,
    input content etc, it’s not different like working with default Elementor Element. For Elementor Basic Tutorial, you can check this videos. For the element that contain special configuration, will be
    explained on the next lesson.
  4. If you already finished editing, don’t forget to click “Publish/Update” button

Working with Opt-In

In order to use Opt-In, drag and drop Opt-In element and there will be configuration field on the left side. Check this image:

Working with Button

In order to use button element, drag and drop button element. Then there will be configuration field at the left side. Then check this image:

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