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October 22, 2018| Bayu Idham

The is two ways to displaying Funnel that you already made. Here is the explanation.

1. Displaying Funnel at same domain.

  1. Please go to Page -> Add New
  2. Input title for that page
  3. Choose template (located on the right side at “Page Attributes” area
  4. Choose ExpressFunnel Template and then click “Save Draft” button
  5. After reloaded, it will showing “ExpressFunnel Page” options field

Take a look on this image:

At the “Choose Page” dropdown, you can choose which page that you want to use. If you have more than 1 Funnel of course it will also displayed on that dropdown.
You also able to insert custom code at the header and footer. For example for pixel etc.

2. Displaying Funnel at different domain.

ExpressFunnel have a feature called “Create one use anywhere”. Which the Funnel that you already made are able to displayed at different domain. This instruction are for website that have WordPress installation on it.
To give you some clue how this feature work, here is the explanation:
Let’s say you install ExpressFunnel plugin at website aaa.com. On that site, you made Landing Page and Funnel. And then you want to use that Funnel at different website. Let’s say bbb.com. This website are WordPress powered site. That scenario ar achievable with this instruction:

  1. Go to ExpressFunnel -> Settings
  2. Download child plugin at “Download plugin for client site” area
  3. After that, install that plugin at preferable WordPress site, or in this case bbb.com
  4. Instruction for installing plugin are already explained.

To displaying the Funnel, just similar like displaying Funnel at the same domain. You also able to use This Funnel not limited only for WordPress wesbite. It will be explained on the next lesson.

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