October 22, 2018| Bayu Idham

Activate License Code

After the plugin activated, you’ll be asked to input the License Code. Click “Go to License Key Page” button and you’ll be redirected to the License Code Page. Please input valid license code that you got after purchased the plugin.

Plugin Dependency Installation

ExpressFunnel depend on several plugin to work properly. Ergo, after you activate the license code, you’ll be asked to install several plugin that needed. Click “Begin Installing Plugins” and install “Elementor” also “ExpressFunnel Child”. After it’s done, activate those plugin.

Elementor Setup

In order to use ExpressFunnel page builder feature, please follow this instruction:

  1. Please go to Elementor -> Settings
  2. Click on “ExpressFunnel” Checkbox
  3. Then click “Save Changes”

Plugin Settings

There is couple things that need to configure before you use ExpressFunnel plugin. Those settings located at setting page. Follow this instructions:

  1. Go to ExpressFunnel -> Settings
  2. Token Code: This is token to validate the ExpressFunnel Child. You don’t need to worry about it.
  3. Phone Country Code: Numerical phone country code based on your country. This settings will be used at Opt-In form that contain Phone Field
  4. White List IP Address: This setting functionality are to input IP Address that you don’t want to record to the statistic. Those IP inputed here will be excluded at statistic.
  5. Download plugin for client site: This is ExpressFunnel Child plugin that you can install at different domain which have WordPress installation.
  6. Clear Statistic Data: This setting functionality are to delete statistic data. You can delete the data based on funnel or the whole funnel data. Remember, this deletion process are not reverseable.
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