Update Note: Elegant TubePress v1.3.1

February 23, 2016| Tantan Hilyatana

We’re glad to announce that Elegant TubePress version 1.3.1 has just released.

Changelog of Version 1.3.1 (February 22, 2016):

  • Add autoplay feature for next video in same category
  • Search text translatable
  • Change load domain method for translation
  • Add backend translation feature
  • Patch optin functionality
  • Add option to change page title for category page, search page, author page, tag page, error page, archive page
  • Fix pagination for grid layout
  • Add option to change default style for grid layout
  • Add option to show/hide grid layout changer icon

Before updating to this new version, please do the steps as follow:

  1. Backup your theme settings
  2. Save theme settings right after theme updated
  3. Put placeholder property on optin form tag

Tantan Hilyatana and behalf of AmazeHub Team

Categories: News