[VasQ Videopress] We Are Moving to YouTube API v3

May 7, 2015| Tantan Hilyatana

Dear fellow buyers, we are moving the YouTube API from v2 to v3.

We were using v2 because there’s no limitation of the API request and no need to register.

Unfortunately v2 is deprecated and discontinued by YouTube.

Please allow us to move to the v3 for about six days in maximum (so it will be finished on May 14, 2015).

And please be patient because before our next update the theme will not work adding a video post.

For your info, here’re few updates we’re going to implement besides moving to the YouTube API v3.

  1. Add excerpt for the post. When excerpt is empty, default content text will appear. And when excerpt is not empty, it will showing at the post.
  2. Options to disable excerpt on the post. If this user disable the excerpt, the post will only show the title without any excerpt.
  3. New homepage layout variations: Pinterest layout and Grid layout (two and three colums)
  4. New sidebar widget and shortcode for opt-form display
  5. More header variations
  6. More footer widgets variations
  7. Carousel and slider on the featured area
  8. Main menu custom color
  9. Opt-in form floating at the bottom
  10. Option to hide/show sidebar at homepage
  11. Video widgets new terms: latest posts and random posts
  12. Move sharing buttons beside like/dislike

Also, we’ll give away our brand new – never released before WordPress theme – called ‘Blogtocrat’ to anyone who bought VasQ Videopress theme between April 21 – April 30, 2015.

Blogtocrat WP theme screenshot:

So stay tuned for our upcoming updates and thanks for your cooperation!


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